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Welcome to our conveniently located storage facility, situated just off the 72 at 164 Oak Knoll Drive in Hampshire, IL 60140. Whether you're seeking trailer storage solutions in the scorching heat of summer or the frosty depths of winter, our top-notch trailer storage units offer unmatched safety and flexibility tailored to meet your individual requirements. Experience peace of mind knowing your trailer is secure with us!

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Lean Self Storage (East side) (10 x 20)

On the east side of property, by the big machine sheds, with longer hours of access. It can also be used for a vehicle with in and out privileges at your own convenience.

$149 / month

Self Storage (10 x 20)

$169 $84.50 / month
Half off!

This discount lasts until 4/30/2024 12:00AM

Cars & Pickup Trucks (Cold Storage) (20 x 10)

This is for COLD storage. This is not indoor heated storage.

Motorcycles: $69 per month

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Please contact us for unit availability.

$79 / month

Cars & Pickup Trucks (Heated Storage) (20 x 10)

Indoor, HEATED storage for vehicles and motorcycles.

$199 / month

RV* - Up to 30' (20 x 10)

Call for Availability

Please contact us for unit availability.

$199 / month

Self Storage (10 x 25)

$190 $95 / month
Half off!

This discount lasts until 4/30/2024 12:00AM

RVs-Over 30' (30 x 5)

Call for Availability

Please contact us for unit availability.

$249 / month

Why Choose Herrmann's Storage?

Unmatched Safety

Experience peace of mind knowing that your trailer is safeguarded round the clock with our reliable 24/7 property security services. Benefit from our advanced electronic gate access system and comprehensive video surveillance that ensure the utmost safety and security for your trailer at all times.

Convenient Access

Our state-of-the-art storage facility located at 164 Oak Knoll Drive in Hampshire, IL 60140 is at your service round the clock, 24/7, every day of the week. Whether you need to retrieve or store your trailer, rest assured you have the flexibility to do so at any time that suits your schedule.

Flexible Leasing Options

We offer a diverse selection of customizable leasing options designed to align with your unique requirements and preferences. Whether you are seeking short-term solutions to meet immediate needs or exploring long-term arrangements to store your trailer, our flexible leasing plans are crafted to cater to your individual circumstances.

Glen C picture

I've had my trailer here for about 3 years.  These folks have been great, both old management and new.  Highly recommend!!

- Glen C.
five stars

Jack P picture

Helped my neighbor drop off her motor home here. Nicest storage facility I've ever seen! Lots of immaculate indoor storage space in several large modern buildings.

- Jack P.
five stars

Richard B Picture

I like storing my older Corvettes here in the winter. They definitely have a good value on cost per month.

- Richard B.
five stars

Why Store Your Trailer?

Trailer storage offers a safe and easily accessible location for your trailers while they're idle. With options ranging from enclosed self-storage units providing garage-like security to expansive outdoor spaces for bigger trailers, we cater to a variety of needs. Regardless of whether you have a compact utility trailer or a substantial semi-trailer, our storage facility at Herrmann's Storage guarantees protection against weather conditions, vandalism, and theft, giving you peace of mind.

Reclaim Your Outdoor Space

Whether you have a utility trailer for your business or a camper trailer for weekend getaways, our trailer storage solutions can help you regain control of your driveway.

Access Your Trailer Anytime You Need

With Herrmann's Storage, you won't need to wait for an attendant to retrieve your trailer. It will always be exactly where you left it, ready for you to pick up 24/7.

Avoid HOA Restrictions with Our Trailer Storage

Many residential communities enforce rules about what can be stored outside a home. Often, trailers parked in driveways or on streets are prohibited. If driveway storage isn't an option and you want to dodge those hefty HOA penalties, our trailer storage serves as an excellent alternative.

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Herrmann's Storage is your premier choice for storing trailers and RVs. We recognize the importance of your vehicle, whether it's a compact trailer or a large RV. That's why we provide top-tier, climate-controlled storage solutions to preserve them in perfect shape. With our 24/7 access, you can reclaim your trailer or RV whenever it's convenient for you. Opt for Herrmann's Storage, where safeguarding your trailer and RV is our main concern.

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