Indoor Car Storage Near You 

At Herrmann Storage, we make finding the perfect spot for your car effortless. Say goodbye to the worries of cramped garages and limited driveway space. Discover our premium indoor car storage near you, tailored for vehicles of every shape and size — from spacious SUVs and trucks to sleek coupes and hatchbacks. Experience the peace of mind that comes with secure, accessible, and climate-controlled spaces designed to keep your car in pristine condition. Explore our comprehensive car storage solutions in Hampshire, IL today.

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Choose Your Perfect Indoor Car Storage Unit

Finding the perfect indoor car storage near you has never been easier. Whether you're looking to safeguard your classic coupe from the elements or need a spacious spot for your family SUV, Herrmann Storage has the solution. Browse our variety of storage unit sizes and features designed to meet your specific needs. Enjoy the convenience of flexible leasing terms and the assurance of top-tier security. Choose your ideal indoor car storage unit today and give your vehicle the protection it deserves.

Parking - Motorcycle (5 x 10)

- For one motorcycle only
- Indoor parking

- No 24-hour access.
- Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to drop off or pick up your vehicle.

$69 / month

Parking (10 x 20)

- Uncovered parking
- For cars, trucks, & RVs
- 1st Floor

- No 24-hour access.
- Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to drop off or pick up your vehicle.

$149 / month Only 1 left!

Parking (10 x 20)

- Covered indoor parking
- Climate controlled
- For motorcycles, vehicles, & regular storage
- 1st Floor

$199 / month

Parking (5 x 30)

- Uncovered parking
- For cars, trucks, & RVs
- 1st Floor

- No 24-hour access.
- Please contact us at least 24 hours in advance to drop off or pick up your vehicle.

$249 / month

Why Choose Herrmann's Storage to Store Your Car?

24/7 Security Surveillance and Gated Property

Rest assured knowing your vehicle is safe with our round-the-clock security surveillance and secure gated property

Climate-Controlled Units

Keep your car in pristine condition year-round with our climate-controlled unis, protecting it from extreme temperatures and humidity

Unrestricted 24/7 Access

Enjoy the freedom to access your vehicle at any time with our convenient 24/7 access to all covered indoor car storage units.

Car Storage Tips 

Choose the Right Size Storage Unit: before selecting a storage unit, measure your car to ensure it will comfortably fit, allowing extra room for opening doors and moving around. Consider future needs as well; you might want an extra space for accessories or another vehicle.

Opt for Climate-Controlled Storage: to protect your car from extreme temperatures and humidity that can damage the paint, interior, and mechanical components, choosing a climate-controlled storage facility is essential. This is particularly crucial for classic or luxury cars. 

Maintain Your Vehicle Before Storing: perform necessary maintenance such as changing the oil, topping off the gas tank (to prevent moisture in the tank), and inflating the tires to the recommended pressure to avoid flat spots. Disconnecting the battery can also prevent it from draining over time.

Invest in a Quality Car Cover: even indoors, dust and dirt can accumulate on your vehicle. A breathable, high-quality car cover can keep your car clean and further protect it from any potential scratches or dings. 

Regularly Check On Your Vehicle: if possible, visit your stored car periodically to check its condition and run the engine for a few minutes. This helps keep the battery charged and the mechanical parts lubricated, reducing the risks of issues when you decide to use the vehicle again.

indoor car storage near you

Excellent facility, new(er) management is great, car was just as clean when I dropped it off 8 months ago!  Very satisfied.

- Chuck G.

I like storing my older Corvettes here in the winter. They definitely have a good value on cost per month.

- Richard B.

I've had my trailer here for about 3 years.  These folks have been great, both old management and new.  Highly recommend!!

- Glen C.

The Top Choice for Indoor Car Storage Near You

Herrmann's Storage stands out as your premier destination for car storage in Hampshire and nearby areas, catering to a diverse array of cars from small two-seaters to large SUVs. 

We recognize the significant value you place on your vehicles, which is why we provide exceptional, climate-controlled storage solutions to ensure their protection and maintain them in pristine condition. Opt for Herrmann's Storage, where the safety and care of your vehicle are our utmost concerns. Trust us for indoor car storage needs because we share your passion for maintaining your vehicle's excellence.

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